Before sending a game request check the following: ⇩

A. The game is GOG.COM ➨ A simple search on gog.com will determine if the game you want is available for download. We only upload games that are shown on gog.com. If that store doesn’t have it, we don’t either.

B. The game you are requesting must be RELEASED. The site doesn’t store comments, so there’s no point asking for games that aren’t readily available yet.

DRM-free games don’t need any cracks, so they run as intended by the devs from the get go, if you find in-game bugs we can’t help, but you can check “technical support” section, it will redirect you on gog.com to the specific game bugs page and offer fixes and workarounds

r/crackwatch keeps track of news related to gog, steam, and game repacks/releases https://www.reddit.com/r/CrackWatch/ IF IT’S YOUR FIRST TIME USING THE SUBREDDIT, MAKE SURE TO READ THE BEGINNERS GUIDE HERE: https://www.reddit.com/r/CrackWatch/comments/v60rnq/crack_watch_beginners_guide_to_crack_watch/ IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION MAKE SURE TO READ THIS THROUGHLY,

-Keep the discussions section related. DO NOT SPAM or create long threads. If you get caught more then once, you will be banned from commenting.
-Don’t criticize other users game requests.
-Put all your requests in a single post, otherwise they’ll be marked as spam.
-Keep your requests at least 8-10 hours apart to reduce clutter, otherwise it’ll be marked as spam. We can’t get to every game request, and spamming won’t help you either.
-Don’t use this section for any questions, use the Latest News section for that.
-If you have any issues with games (game doesn’t start, freeze, etc), ensure your computer is up-to-update with proper specifications.
-If you want updates for a certain game, ask in the Request Updates section. Games are always uploaded here on the latest cracked version available to that moment. To know which version of a game you have, compare the GOG version of the game with the version stated over on the GOG unlocked game page title.

The search bar in the “HOME” section of GOG unlocked is not 100% accurate. It doesn’t detect punctuation and even when you write the full title correctly chances are the game won’t show in the first result page. But there’s a workaround: In the homepage, click on “Browse” and a list of all the games on the site will appear. Then, press CTRL + F (on chrome) and type in the title of the game.

Thanks to all of you for following the rules and helping the site grow! We are actively working hard to get more games out! Have a great day and a pleasant stay.

Have a game request to add on to the site? Comment below and we will release games you want! All requests are accepted from classical old games to new games. To post a comment on here, make sure you sign up and login to Disqus. (You can do this by clicking here).